About Us

Trans World Services was established over 41 years ago and is based on the belief that our customer's have a right to expect from us the highest quality service available to achieve their goals. We approach each project as a unique opportunity to go beyond the traditional role of a promotional marketing company. We work for the best interests of our customer's to enable them to be successful in attaining their objectives.

Each customer is treated as if they were our only one. Their problems and concerns become our problems and concerns. Conversely, any victories or achievements our customers experience become our own achievements.

We believe that the products of a promotional marketing company should be competitively priced. We will work with our customers on only those products that they consider to be essential to achieve their objectives in the most cost effective way possible.

We believe our service goes beyond taking the order. Our commitment includes assisting our customers in conceptualizing an idea or program followed with the "extras" that it takes to deliver a complete package of products and services to represent your company.

We believe that our customer's time is money; therefore, we are constantly striving to improve time efficiency, communicate effectively, and meet deadlines.

Consequently, we shall maintain the highest ethical standards of conduct. We shall be selective in doing business with the most reliable suppliers. We shall maintain the strictest care in protecting all confidential information concerning our customers in marketing programs and advertising promotions.